Cultivate Festival…From The Outside.

Howdy all,

Sorry for the slight delay for this post, had some reports to transcribe…and I forgot I still had pictures for you.

Anyway, after our trip to Duluth, Vanna and I finished our anniversary week (I realize this was a while back now…) with a visit to her grandparents in the cities. On Friday we went to a car show, and then on Saturday we attended the Cultivate Festival in Minneapolis.

Well…sort of attended it. Because of the crazy amount of people going to the festival, we ended up parking over a mile from the park venue. After a long walk – humidity and heat only made it feel longer – we eventually arrived late to a jam-packed Loring park. The thousands of people did not deter Sharissa or Vanna, but it was too much for me, especially as I already wasn’t that keen on the festival in the first place (I’d have preferred the zoo). But rather than insist we had to leave, I told the women to go in while I waited outside. I know, I’m boring.

But fear not, I did have quite an interesting time outside of the festival. After about five minutes peacefully watching the crowds, two smokers came and sat on my bench. That was fun. They suggested I was working undercover for the festival sponsors. Not sure why they thought that, maybe it was because I didn’t quite fit the hipster image of everybody else. Regardless of their reasoning, I awkwardly joked that I wish I was, because then I would be getting paid for doing nothing instead of being bored free of charge. While they laughed at this witty response, I then quickly moved away to avoid any further discussion about my bench motivations. And smoke inhalation, as I didn’t like that either. My sanctuary spoiled, I ended up looping around the park, taking pictures as I went. Here’s the slideshow.

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By the time I had finished wandering, Vanna and Sharissa were done with the music and chipotle food. We walked back to the car, which took forever, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the mall. Sharissa went home later that evening, as did we the following day. Or Monday. I don’t know, it’s been three weeks, I can’t remember everything we did!


I guess that is pretty much it for our anniversary week. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and stories. I’ll be back soon to talk about our next adventure later this month.

Bye for now,



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